Luxury Channel EP #1: How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC & Why Video is Important

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  How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC: Why Video is important   The Problem:   The over saturation of the Car Service Industry has caused a deep level of mistrust for the consumer, especially NYC.  Any average joe with moderate credit and access to the Internet can claim to be a Professional Transportation Company! These Amateurs have tainted the Industry's name and lowered the expectations of the consumer.   4 WAYS AMATEURS HAVE TAINTED THE INDUSTRY:   1. Continuously Arriving Late Why does your car arrive late? In our experience it is because of a lack of or breakdown of communication.    2. Using Old & Dirty Vehicles Why does my Car Service send me old cars? Because quality is not high enough on their list of importance.             3. Lack Of or Poor Customer Service Why does my driver make me feel uncomfortable? Lack of proper training and chauffeur education   4. Downright Dishonesty Why does my provider tell me the car will be...

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Event Planning | Transportation | NYC NJ Luxury Ride | Staging Tips

4 Staging Tips for The High-Scale Events in NYC

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EVENT PLANNING STRIVES FOR AN IMAGE OF SEAMLESS FINESSE. SMOOTH TRANSPORTATION IS A MUST TO ACHIEVE THIS - AND A MUST IN THE NYC NJ SCENE.   LUXURY RIDE ENJOYS WORKING WITH PEOPLE IN NYC OR NJ IN THE EVENT PLANNING OR TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY. WE LIKE SHARING OUR EXPERIENCE.   YVONNE CHOURINARD, FOUNDER OF PATAGONIA, ONCE SAID (PARAPHRASED), "IF YOU FIGURED OUT SOMETHING THAT WORKS, SHARE IT"  The Event Planning Industry, along with the Transportation Industry, is extremely competitive. Behind the scenes conflict are a norm, and colleagues can be shady. Luxury Ride promotes teamwork - and with that comes the sharing of knowledge. We understand how crazy things can get, and how far off the ACTUAL can stray from the PLAN. We propose a solution: craft your 10/10 plan in such a way that leaves room for changes. Map out the general tasks and be sure to achieve such; execution of the tasks are never static and must...

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Hospitality | Executive Transportation | NYC NJ

“Hospitality” is More Than a Happy Face

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HOSPITALITY IS A WORD USED OFTEN YET SELDOM UNDERSTOOD. ESPECIALLY WITHIN THE EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY. ESPECIALLY IN NJ & NYC!  "HOSPITALITY" IS A NOUN - "THE FRIENDLY AND GENEROUS RECEPTION AND ENTERTAINMENT OF GUESTS".   In NYC or NJ, or any place for that matter, there are plenty of talkers. You know who we're talking about: the people who promise the world, yet when it is time to deliver...

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Event Transportation | Luxury Ride | NYC NJ

Event Transportation

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THE NEED FOR EVENT TRANSPORTATION AND THE ISSUES SUPPRESSING IT   In the NYC, NJ and the surrounding Tri-State Area, Boutique events are part of the Norm. The events that do take place are prestigious. The only way to achieve prestige is through seamless completion of the event, with finesse. Caterers, music, location – these are all crucial factors that go into a High-End event. Why is Event Transportation having trouble hopping on the Band Wagon?   NYC & NJ NEED HELP ESTABLISHING RELIABLE EVENT TRANSPORTATION - THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE   Caterers, Entertainment, and the other standard vendors for Upscale Events usually do not need to be babysat because they are constantly in the upscale atmosphere. These vendors are normally like-minded and work together to achieve and exceed expectations – you trust that they can take it from there and you will not have to deal with the stressors of making sure your vendors are...

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JFK Terminal 4 | Luxury Ride

Surviving JFK Terminal 4

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 Surviving JFK Terminal 4 “T4”  For those of you who travel, especially internationally, you know what we mean by “Surviving JFK Terminal 4”. Although T4 is a beautiful piece of architecture, it is still an Airport that transports billions of people annually – and because it is an airport, there will always be an issue and/or setback of some level of magnitude.   There is no larger setback than the multiple entrances/exits to Terminal 4 at JFK International.   After riding a 10+ hour international flight into the US, you are most likely tired – and most likely have a driver of some sort waiting to pick you up. When arriving to the terminal, it is only natural to desire a seamless and easy pick-up from your driver. Yet, due to the multiple entrances/exits, “seamless” seems unattainable.   There are two things that Executives desire when traveling: Punctuality Minimum-stress levels when concerning transportation from Point A to Point...

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