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Surviving JFK Terminal 4

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 Surviving JFK Terminal 4 “T4”  For those of you who travel, especially internationally, you know what we mean by “Surviving JFK Terminal 4”. Although T4 is a beautiful piece of architecture, it is still an Airport that transports billions of people annually – and because it is an airport, there will always be an issue and/or setback of some level of magnitude.   There is no larger setback than the multiple entrances/exits to Terminal 4 at JFK International.   After riding a 10+ hour international flight into the US, you are most likely tired – and most likely have a driver of some sort waiting to pick you up. When arriving to the terminal, it is only natural to desire a seamless and easy pick-up from your driver. Yet, due to the multiple entrances/exits, “seamless” seems unattainable.   There are two things that Executives desire when traveling: Punctuality Minimum-stress levels when concerning transportation from Point A to Point...

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