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Luxury Channel EP #4: Dry Run: Major Keys to Event Transportation Success, Vol. #1

  |   Executive Transportation, Luxury Channel   |   No comment A "Dry Run" is one of the most POWERFUL and Productive preps you can do to ensure your Event Transportation in NYC is a Success.   A "Dry Run" can be done without the Full Fleet of cars that have been booked for the Event Transportation. However, we do suggest doing the Run with a few "Event Captains" that will assist the other drivers on Event Day.   We suggest doing the Run 72 to 48 hours before Event Day to keep things fresh and accurate. Things change quickly in big cities like NYC. Consequently, the last thing you want is to have expired guidelines.   Try to do a Run even if its not in the budget. We suggest doing a Run with at least ONE vehicle so you can get a "feel" of the Event Route.   All of your chauffeurs will be looking to YOU, the Event Captain, for guidance and direction.   Completing a "Dry Run" gives you the...

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Luxury Channel EP #3: Salt N Pepa Manager James Maynes on Branding

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BRAND IS A PILLAR OF THE BUSINESS WORLD. IN NYC, ALL YOU SEE ARE DIFFERENT BRANDS TRYING TO MARKET TO YOU. SALT N PEPA 'S MANAGER, JAMES MAYNES, LETS US KNOW, WHILE TRYING OUR LUXURY CAR SERVICE, HOW TO OVERCOME THE OVERSATURATION, AND LET YOUR UNIQUE BRAND SHOW.  [caption id="attachment_625" align="aligncenter" width="406"][/caption]  NYC : Big City of Dreams   It is a wild time to be alive. Technology has taken us into a world where almost anyone and everyone can find a niche. The Service Industry as a whole is booming. People are realizing self-worth, and Innovation is grinding daily. But just because there are a lot of businesses out there, does not really mean all the businesses are "GOOD" businesses. Some have the Capital and the Talent. Some just have the Capital...

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Luxury Channel EP #2: What Separates Luxury Ride from Another Transportation Vendor?

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IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE INDUSTRY, A CONSUMER HAS TWO CHOICES: HIGH-END OR AVERAGE.   TAKE EXECUTIVE TRANSPORTATION IN NYC AS AN EXAMPLE.   LUXURY RIDE IS PROVIDING YOU WITH THE SAME SERVICE AS A WAVED-DOWN TAXI OR UBER: TRANSPORTATION. SO WHY IS THERE A PRICE DIFFERENCE?   One Reason: THE EXPERIENCE.   The Business World today is becoming filled with new innovators who provide a large landscape of different services. It is great to see so much desire out there - but at what cost?   The paradox of Customer-Service, especially Executive Transportation, based companies is that many people can perform or provide said service. In addition, this means that some of those people may be trying to just make a dollar rather than provide a trend-setting service. Furthermore, it is those people who are entering the industry of Executive Transportation in N YC that simultaneously break it down.   LUXURY RIDE ASPIRES TO BREAK THROUGH THE MOLD OF NORMALCY.   Constantly, Luxury Ride is working...

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What’s the Difference Between a “Driver” & a “Chauffeur”?

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IT IS NO SECRET;   A LUXURY CAR SERVICE COSTS MORE THAN A NORMAL DRIVER. HERE IN NYC, A CHAUFFEUR IS WORTH MORE THAN A DRIVER.   AT LUXURY RIDE, WE PROVIDE AN EXPERIENCE, NOT JUST A CAR RIDE.   SO WHAT IS THE REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A "CHAUFFEUR" AND THE OTHER DRIVERS?    EXPERIENCE   First of all, EXPERIENCE is a major key. Luxury Ride has spent time looking for our "Model" Chauffeur. We do not rush hiring - we want to make sure the Chauffeur we are enlisting is experienced. Especially relevant in NYC, it is important that your vendor knows the ins-and-outs. Knows where to go, generally, without having to GPS. Knowing backroads and alternate routes faster than the Navigational System. Knowing how to treat a passenger.   Consequently, our quarrel with taxis and companies such as Uber is that; probably, anyone can become a driver. Our man Tony who worked five years in the Finance Department of a big Corporation decided he wants...

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Luxury Channel EP #1: How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC & Why Video is Important

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  How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC: Why Video is important   The Problem:   The over saturation of the Car Service Industry has caused a deep level of mistrust for the consumer, especially NYC.  Any average joe with moderate credit and access to the Internet can claim to be a Professional Transportation Company! These Amateurs have tainted the Industry's name and lowered the expectations of the consumer.   4 WAYS AMATEURS HAVE TAINTED THE INDUSTRY:   1. Continuously Arriving Late Why does your car arrive late? In our experience it is because of a lack of or breakdown of communication.    2. Using Old & Dirty Vehicles Why does my Car Service send me old cars? Because quality is not high enough on their list of importance.             3. Lack Of or Poor Customer Service Why does my driver make me feel uncomfortable? Lack of proper training and chauffeur education   4. Downright Dishonesty Why does my provider tell me the car will be...

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