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Unfortunately we live in a world filled with uncertainty and risk. Traffic delays, local regulations, and unexpected events can make corporate travel cumbersome, which elevate the stress levels associated with ground transportation. The cost of poor corporate travel execution is not acceptable and has a ripple effect on cost, moral, and employee retention. 

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Personal Touch



Reliability has always been our number one priority. Feedback from our existing clients show most travelers simply want a more confident, reliable, and safe chauffeured corporate travel experience. So how does one accomplish this goal?


In a fast paced corporate world communication can be the difference between 15 minutes early or arriving late to a meeting. Our technology streamlines the communication process and quickly updates all parties involved for a seamless flow of information. Never again do you have to wait 15 minutes on hold to make a quick update or receive a conformation. Powerful real time vehicle tracking, chauffeur details, and the ability to make instant changes all at your finger tips.


We have worked very hard to establish a five star corporate travel experience based on our clients standards. All of our chauffeurs are properly licensed and background checked. Each goes through an advanced chauffeur training course with ongoing education. At the end of each trip our clients are given the opportunity to provide discreet feedback which is crucial to maintaing an elevated service experience. Your account representative will take the feedback given to assign the chauffeurs that you feel most comfortable with to your account adding a truly personalized dimension.


Our goal is to make the booking and billing experience as comfortable as traveling in one of our vehicles. Along with our traditional office staff we give you access to an AR (Account Representative). Our clients love that they have a go to person within the company that understands their needs and works to customize their account to their preference. Your AR is easily accessible through email/text and adds an extra layer of accountability and comfort.