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Luxury Channel EP #1

Luxury Channel EP #1: How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC & Why Video is Important

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How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC:

Why Video is important


The Problem:


The over saturation of the Car Service Industry has caused a deep level of mistrust for the consumer, especially NYC. 

Any average joe with moderate credit and access to the Internet can claim to be a Professional Transportation Company!

These Amateurs have tainted the Industry’s name and lowered the expectations of the consumer.




1. Continuously Arriving Late

Why does your car arrive late? In our experience it is because of a lack of or breakdown of communication.


 2. Using Old & Dirty Vehicles

Why does my Car Service send me old cars? Because quality is not high enough on their list of importance.


          3. Lack Of or Poor Customer Service

Why does my driver make me feel uncomfortable? Lack of proper training and chauffeur education


4. Downright Dishonesty

Why does my provider tell me the car will be their in 5 minutes but it takes 25 minutes?


This has lead the Consumer to question “Why am I paying a premium for a Luxury Car Service and the vendor resembles a Taxi Service?”



How to Choose a Luxury Car Service in NYC:


Luxury car service nyc

Luxury car service nyc

The Solution:


VIDEO! Not all Transportation Companies are the same and video can prove it. The companies that take the time to educate their customers are the ones that are transparent. Meaning: the ones you can trust.


When you continually put the customer’s best interest first, you do not have anything to hide. Video lets you get a behind-the-scenes peak into the operations systems used by top Luxury Car Service providers.


Now the Consumer has the opportunity to make an educated choice and control the level of service they receive because of the truth Video provides.


WHAT TO LOOK FOR? Look for companies with video’s on how their operations system work. How their chauffeurs are trained, and the culture and vales their company represents.


In conclusion, If your Car Service provider is not using Video to showcase it’s operations – it might be time for you to look for another Transportation Vendor!


Interested in our Luxury Fleet? Take a look here and let us know what you think.




David :Hey Luxury Riders we are here at the Vegas LCT conference with Jessica from “Inbound Marketing Solutions” and she’s gonna give me some great advice of how to do video, so the first question we have for you Jessica is why is video important?


Jessica : Sure David, video is one of the most highly converting mediums you can use in marketing today. Whether you shoot your video with an iPhone like we’re doing right now, then you post on your Facebook page, then you put it on your YouTube channel, and then you send it in an email to your friends. Video is the number one platform people use. It is so engaging, it is personal, you can capture information in real time, and people love it.


David: how does video effect you as far as your SEO and Google rankings?


Jessica: video is optimized when you post it on YouTube, Facebook , and on Google. It continues to optimize and boost your SEO numbers up.


David: Thanks Jessica that is very good information. As far as limousine operators, what is the best platform to drive sales?


Jessica: So there’s not one blanket social media platform that works well for everyone. It really depends on what your primary customer is. And where those customers are hanging out online. So if your retail driven you’re doing a lot of weddings, proms and social activities you’re gonna want to be on Facebook or Pinterest. Where as your more corporate driven, travel managers, DMC’s, those audiences are primarily on LinkedIn and a little bit on Twitter. Pick the social media channel that’s best for your audience. And really target them there before you move onto another area.


David : How do you feel about Instagram in regards to celebrity clientele? People like singers, actors, athletes – do you think Instagram is a good vehicle to reach these types of people?


Jessica: I think so, Instagram is great! Much like video photographs are doing a great job of converting. You can even add your video to Instagram it does a great job of telling your story to potential clients.
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