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Dry Run: Major Keys to Event Transport Success, Vol. #1

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A "Dry Run" is one of the most POWERFUL and Productive preps you can do to ensure your Event Transport in NYC is a Success.   A "Dry Run" can be done without the Full Fleet of cars that have been booked for the Event Transport. However, we do suggest doing the Run with a few "Event Captains" that will assist the other drivers on Event Day.   We suggest doing the Run 72 to 48 hours before Event Day to keep things fresh and accurate. Things change quickly in big cities like NYC. Consequently, the last thing you want is to have expired guidelines.   Try to do a Run even if its not in the budget. We suggest doing a Run with at least ONE vehicle so you can get a "feel" of the Event Route.    A DRY RUN WILL HELP YOUR LEADERS AND DRIVERS BE IN SYNC During an event, it is CRUCIAL that all vendors are ON THE...

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